Encourage a child in Guatemala through prayer, connection and financial support!

Q: Who can be an encourager?
A: Individuals, families, Sunday school classes, youth groups, organizations...ANYONE!

Q: What does being a child's encourager involve?
A: We ask each encourager to commit to three things...
• pray for your assigned child each day
• write your assigned child at least 3 times a year (Christmas, birthday, and a time of your choosing)
• send $25 monthly to help supplement the child's daily living expenses

Q: How do I begin?
A: Fill out this form and send with a $25 check to:
TWOP, P.O. Box 194, Wilmore, KY 40390

Afterward you will receive a photo of and information about your Guatemalan child.

NOTE: 100% of your monthly encourager gift goes for food, clothing, education, medical, and child care. NOT ONE CENT is taken out for administrative costs.

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